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At Immunity Goodness, our 20+ years experience in making quality products is found inside each of our artisanally created edible products. We start with the best available ingredients and then infuse using our special recipe Premium Belgian and American chocolates [including Gluten Free, Organic and Sugar Free], and hard candies.

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Recognizing the demand for an alternative edible delivery, Immunity Goodness infused dozens of minerals, vitamins and botanical ingredients that combine the health benefits of chocolate, and multiple nutraceutical ingredients to create their new line of Immunity Boosting products.

Boost your Immune System with a generous percentage of your Daily Value of crucial, science-backed vitamins and minerals that boost immunity: Available in Belgian Milk, Dark or Sugar Free chocolate or Hard Candy Pastilles, Immunity Goodness is the result of contributions from our industry experts: Pharmacists, Scientists and Culinary-Trained Chefs who have selected exceptional ingredients from around the world to create truly delicious supplements!

All formulation and creation takes place in our dedicated production facility within our FDA inspected corporate plant - our team and partners have over 100 years of successful edible formulation and food manufacturing experience. Our internal and external Chefs are leaders in their respective fields being Department Heads at leading Culinary Schools and R&D Chefs at Internatoinal chocolate manufacturers.

Immunity Goodness's experience includes infusing popular ingredients and Nutraceuticals that include Ashwaganda, Biotin, Collagen, Omega-3s, Vitamins B, C, D, E & K, Turmeric-Curcurmin, Wasabai, Zinc, etc.

Our expertise, gained over the years while working with many of America’s most discriminating companies will deliver you the best product available in the marketplace. Bon Apetit!


Chocolate of Many Kinds!

From Chocolate Messages to Health and Wellness

ImmunityGoodness is part of the Nouveautes, Inc. family who have been creating unique edibles for over 25 years in our FDA inspected plant - which now includes a state of the art CBD Manufacturing facility

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